Quick Answer: What Does UU Mean In Spanish?

What is EEUU stand for?

EEUU means USA in Spanish E= Estados (States) since its plural, theres a grammar rule that says initial letter for a plural word must be duplicated =Estado(E) , Estados= EE // Unidos=also plural because in spanish adjectives can also be pluralized so for Unidos theres double letter rule as well EEUU= Estados Unidos..

What does HH mean sexually?

Half Hour(30 minutes) worth of time, usually seen on a menu for sexual services, as opposed to Full(hour). Source: urbandictionary.com.

What is HH slang?

“Ha-Ha.” HH is often used in text-based messaging with the meaning “Ha-Ha” to indicate amusement. In this context, it is similar in meaning to abbreviations such as HA (Laugh/Laughing) and LOL (Laugh/Laughing Out Loud). Just like HA and LOL, HH is often used sarcastically.

What is full form of HH?

hh (digraph), in several languages. HH, a brassiere cup size. hh, an abbreviation for “hands high” when referring to the height of a horse.

What does PD stand for in Spanish?

it’s P.D. it stands for “posdata”

Why is EE UU in Spanish?

Spanish Plural Abbreviations As it turns out, the doubling-up of letters represents a plural. Estados Unidos, like the other examples above, is a plural (United States), so the abbreviation becomes EE. UU. It can also be written as EEUU or EE.

What is the abbreviation of Spanish?

There are two ways to abbreviate Spanish. They are, Spa. Span.

What is EE in Spanish?

The standard abbreviation for Estados Unidos (United States) in Spanish is EE.

What is a female spinner?

a petite female. Origin: a woman small enough that she can be spun around while on top of a man during sex. The girl I hooked up with last night was a spinner.

What does TB mean in Spanish texting?

tambiénxfa = por fa (Short for por favor, or “please“. Again, the por is replaced with an x.) tb = también (also see tmb and tmbn – “also“ or “too“, similar to the English abbreviation 2 as in “me 2“) bs = besos (“kisses”, not bull sh**.

What does GRS stand for in Spanish?

AbbreviationFull SpanishEnglishf.femeninofemininef.c.ferrocarrilrailroadg/giromoney ordergr., grs.gramo(s)gram(s)66 more rows