Quick Answer: How Do You Unblock The E Way Bill Portal?

How do I find my e way Bill history?

Thus, If we are registered person, then whenever the supplier generate Eway Bill against our GSTIN no., it will auto populated on our login page on E-way Bill portal.

On the Left side in the blue panel Click on Reports > Other EWB Reports >Generated by others.

Select the Date..

Who generates EWAY bill under GST?

Yes. As per the e-way bill rules, e-way bill is required to be carried along with the goods at the time of transportation, if the value is more than Rs. 50,000/-. Under this circumstance, the consumer can get the e-way bill generated from the taxpayer or supplier, based on the bill or invoice issued by him.

Who can raise e way Bill?

It has to be generated to or from a registered person if the movement of goods is more than Rs 50,000 in value. A registered person or transporter can choose to generate and carry e-way bill even of the value of goods is less than Rs 50,000.

Can invoice date and e way date be different?

Is the date on e-Way Bill be same as Invoice Date or any different date? E-Way bill date is the date on which the e-way bill is generated. It can be different from that of the Invoice date.

How do I show e way bill in GST portal?

Steps to Generate E-Way Bill Step 1: Login to E-Way Bill Portal at https://ewaybill.nic.in/ with your login details. Note: To generate E way Bill, it is mandatory to have GST Registration and transporter registration. Step 2: Pick the “Generate New” option from the left menu.

How can I check my e bill status?

How to track E-way BillsLog on to ewaybill.nic.in.Enter your User Name and Password, then the Captcha Code, and then click “Login”, as shown in the picture below:

What is URP in e way Bill?

Section 2(84) of the CGST Act terms the person who is not registered under the Act as an unregistered person (URP). As an example, persons having an annual turnover less than Rs 20 lakhs are not liable to obtain a GST registration and hence will get classified as an unregistered person.

How can I get my return E bill?

An E-way Bill can be generated in multiple ways: Use the official GST Portal – http://ewaybill.nic.in. Use the SMS based facility….As stated, an E-way bill is generated when goods of value 50,000 or more are transported in relation to:A ‘Supply’ activity.Sales Return.Inward Supply by an unregistered person.

How do I know if my rejected e way Bill?

How to Reject E-way Bill. To view the e-way bill generated against the taxpayers GSTIN, the user can run a report by selecting the date on which the e-Way Bill was generated and click the submit button. In the following screen, the portal displays all the e-way bills generated on that particular date.

How do I get my e way Bill ID and password?

How to generate API User ID and Password on E-Way Bill Govt. Portal?Open your browser and log in to your account at www.ewaybill.gov.in.Enter your Username and Password.Then, click on Exit.You have the dashboard on the screen now. … Now, you’ll be able to see your registered Mail ID and Mobile Number on the screen. … Select Add/New.More items…

Can we generate EWAY bill without GST number?

Normally, E-way bill is generated by the Registered Person but, there is an option on E-way Bill system where even a person who does not have GST No. … Being the owner of the small shop and having a turnover of less than 20Lakh he does not have GST Number.