Question: What Does EOM Mean In Email?

What dies EOM stand for?

End of messageEOM”.

Within seconds a reply came back “What does EOM mean?” In my smartypants way I responded: “End of message.

Used it to save you the time of opening the message and having to reply, which by virtue of you replying has defeated its purpose..

Does OEM stand for?

original equipment manufacturerAn original equipment manufacturer (OEM) traditionally is defined as a company whose goods are used as components in the products of another company, which then sells the finished item to users.

What does fya mean in email?

For Your ActionFYA, meaning For Your Action. The recipient is informed that she is being given a task. Can also mean For Your Attention, For Your Approval, For Your Assistance, For Your Awareness, For Your Authorization, or For Your Acknowledgement. FAO, meaning “For the Attention Of”, especially in email or written correspondence.

What is email most commonly used for?

Email, short for “electronic mail,” is one of the most widely used features of the Internet, along with the web. It allows you to send and receive messages to and from anyone with an email address, anywhere in the world.

What does mean EOM?

end of messageEOM stands for “end of message.” People who exchange a great deal of e-mail sometimes write a very short message in the subject line of an e-mail note and conclude it with: (EOM). … The “(EOM)” is a signal that the message is wholly contained in the subject line.

What does PFB mean?

Please Find BelowPFB means “Please Find Below”.

What does EOM mean in stocks?

Ease of Movement indicatorDefinition. The Ease of Movement indicator is a volume based oscillator. It is designed to measure the relationship between price and volume and display that relationship as an oscillator that fluctuates between positive and negative values. The EOM fluctuates above and below a Zero Line.

What does EOM mean in manufacturing?

end of monthOEM is the acronym for original equipment manufacturer. EOM is the acronym for end of month.

What does PFB mean in email?

Please Find BelowThe Meaning of PFB PFB means “Please Find Below” So now you know – PFB means “Please Find Below” – don’t thank us.

What does ease of movement mean?

Ease of movement (EMV) is an indicator used in technical analysis to relate an asset’s price change to its volume. Ease of Movement was developed by Richard W. Arms, Jr. and highlights the relationship between volume and price changes and is particularly useful for assessing the strength of a trend.