Question: How Do You Unhide A Conversation?

How do I unhide chats on Fmwhatsapp?

To unhide them, you need to open WhatsApp and go to the Chats Tab.

Scroll until you find the Archive section.

Tap on it and select chats you want to restore.

Tap on the icon shaped like a box that points upward..

How do you unhide chats?

To unhide a chat, simply search for the chat in the search box and select it: Click the “…” next to the chat and select “Unhide”: Voila!

How do I unhide hidden messages?

To show hidden messages: Select the group or personal avatar and select Settings, then select Unhide hidden messages. For a direct message, simply log out and back in to show hidden messages. Note: You cannot hide messages on Windows 8.

How do you unhide a conversation on messenger on iPhone?

If you want to definitively unhide the conversation:Swipe from the right to the left on your conversation (from the conversation page), to display the menu.Tap “More”Tap “Unhide”

How do you unhide messages on Facebook 2020?

How To Unhide Facebook Messages In 2020Open the Messenger app on your iPhone and Android devices.Find a chat icon circle on the top left of the Messenger with your profile picture in the center.Tap on that chat icon circle that comes with your profile picture.You will now see a variety of options ranging from the dark mode to the people, and settings.More items…•

How do I unhide a conversation on Messenger app?

How to unhide Facebook chat messagesSelect the “messages” link from your homepage.Click on “More” at the top to pull down the drop-down list then select “Archived”.Click on the “Unarchive” icon next to the person whose chat you want to unhide. Now the chat message is visible again.

How do I see hidden messages on iPhone?

To find the hidden messages on your iPhone, you’ll first need to load the Messenger app. Tap on the People icon in the navigation bar at the bottom of the iOS app, then Message Requests. Any messages from people not yet in your Facebook friends will be found in the Filtered Requests list.

How do I unhide hidden chat in line?

When you hide an account on LINE: You can still receive chat messages from that account….To unhide a hidden account:Tap the Home/Friends tab > Settings. … Tap Friends.Tap Hidden accounts.Tap Edit next to the account you want to unhide.Tap Unhide.

How do you find hidden text messages?

If you are looking to find hidden messages on Android the first place you should look is for a hidden messaging app.WhatsApp. With over 1,000,000,000+ downloads, WhatsApp is the go-to Messaging app for Android. … Viber. … CoverMe. … Messenger & Chat Lock.