Question: Are HS Codes Universal?

How do I find my UK HS Code?

Countries can use an additional 2-4 digits for country-specific categorizations.

For example, the UK HS code relies on ten digit number usually called commodity code.

In this case 1000 represents products with nuts.

Combining these digits will give you the full code for our product — 1806 32 1000..

What is HS Code India?

ITC-HS Codes or better known as Indian Trade Clarification based on Harmonized System of Coding was adopted in India for import-export operations. Indian custom uses an eight digit ITC-HS Codes to suit the national trade requirements.

Is HS code the same as HTS code?

The difference between an HS code and HTS code is the number of digits within the code. A code with six digits is a universal standard (HS Code) and a code with 7-10 digits (HTS Code) is often unique after the 6th digit and determined by individual countries of import.

What does HS code stand for?

Harmonized SystemAmong industry classification systems, Harmonized System (HS) Codes are commonly used throughout the export process for goods. The Harmonized System is a standardized numerical method of classifying traded products.

Do I need a HS Code?

The Harmonized system (HS) classification is a six-digit code for classifying internationally traded goods. … These digits differ across countries. These codes are required for international export documentation and all commercial invoices. In fact, any documents that are used internationally should display the HS code.

What is HS Code in export?

HS Codes are important for government officials to identify goods being imported and exported in order to collect the proper taxes. HS Codes stands for Harmonized System Codes. … They identify products that are being imported or exported through a country’s borders.

Are harmonized codes universal?

According to the World Customs Organization, the governing body for Harmonized system, “Harmonized system is the universal economic language and code for goods and an indispensable tool for international trade”. HS codes are recognized in 98 percent of international trade.

What is a 10 digit HTS code?

HTS (Harmonized Tariff Schedule) codes are product classification codes between 8-10 digits. The first six digits are an HS code, and the countries of import assign the subsequent digits to provide additional classification. U.S. HTS codes are 10 digits and are administered by the U.S. International Trade Commission.

What does a commodity code look like?

Commodity Codes are composed of ten digit numbers, however for certain goods there are an additional four digits. The ten digits are used for imports from outside the European Union and it is needed for TARIC imports declaration.

How do I find a commodity code?

Commodity codes can be found on the Trade Tariff website….Your commodity code tells you:The duty and VAT ratings you’ll be charged for your goods.If you can apply for a preferential duty rating (General System of Preference aka GSP)Whether your product requires an import licence.Whether anti-dumping duties apply.

How do you read HTS codes?

The HTS is a 10-digit classification system specific to importing in the United States. HTS codes take their first six digits from the international HS code and then add an additional four digits for further definition.

Is the HS code the same for all countries?

The World Customs Organization (WCO) has been administering 6 digits HS codes schedule. … However, each country can modify by adding two digits or four digits as per their requirements without changing first six digits. In other words, first six digits of HS code (HTS code) are same in all countries.

How do you classify HS Code?

At the international level, the Harmonized System (HS) for classifying goods is a six-digit code system. The HS comprises approximately 5,300 article/product descriptions that appear as headings and subheadings, arranged in 99 chapters, grouped in 21 sections. The six digits can be broken down into three parts.

What are Intrastat codes?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Intrastat is the system for collecting information and producing statistics on the trade in goods between countries of the European Union (EU). It began operation on 1 January 1993, when it replaced customs declarations as the source of trade statistics within the EU.