Tourist Spots in Dindigul

Tourist Spots in Dindigul District

Dindigul is a city and district headquarters in Tamil Nadu state of southern India was carved out of the composite Madurai District on 15.9.1985. It is largely known as the “City of Locks, Briyani City, Textiles and Tannery”, this piece of land sandwiched between the Palani and Sirumalai Hills. This district is bound by lots of Hill stations, Water Falls, Reserved Forests, Dams, Temples and lots of Tourist Places.


Dindigul Travels & Call Taxi In sirumalai agasthiyarpuram there is an aasram situated as the name of agatthiyar Siva sakhi sitthar beedam. There is a famous sivasakthi temple was created in aasram and also they are offering food for all people at 24 hour service and they are also giving siddha treatment for all people. Sirumalai Lake contains a small lake that was artificially created in the year 2010.In the region of sirumalai the Agasthiarpuram is a holy place where siddas (monks) have lived since ancient days. The area is surrounded with medicinal herbs and plants. In the tip of the hill there is historic Shiva Lingam, which dates back at least 500 years.

Mathamalai Annai Veilankanni Church is situated on top of one of the hills. Residents observe the festival for "Our Lady Of Good Health" annually in September, with a flag hoisted prior to the festival. The famous Lord Murugan temple (Vellimalai Murugan Temple) is located in the mountain which is away from 45 minutes climbing over the valley.


Dindigul Travels & Call Taxi With its temperate, climate and an average of 12 hours sun every day, Kodaikkanal is one of the most popular hill resorts in India. The splendor of the summer day is never so gorgeous as in Kodaikkanal. It is a lovely hill resort on the Palani hills in the Dindigul district of TamilNadu. With its rocks, woods and woodland ways, lovely lake and bracing air, Kodaikkanal is an ideal hill resort for the tourists. The Kodaikkanal Observatory, surmounting the hill is one of the most important and the only one of its kind institutions in India for the study of meteorology, solar physics and allied subjects.

Chinnalapatti Sarees

Dindigul Travels & Call Taxi Silk sarees (famously known as "Chinnalappattu") and sungudi sarees are made here in traditional way. Chinnalapattu sarees are well known in South India. Many traders from Chinnalapatti export/sell these sarees and other handloom garments all over Tamil Nadu and countries in Far-East, Africa, Sri Lanka and Middle-East. Saree business is the major business in this upcoming city. Since saree usage is reduced in these days, Chinnalapatti weavers are involved in making sungudi chudithars, which is getting popularity. Many wholesales shops buy the sarees and other garments from Surat and sell it in South Tamil Nadu.

Sothuparai Dam

Dindigul Travels & Call Taxi Sothuparai Dam is 9km from Periyakulam on the foot of Kodaikanal hills or the Western Ghats of Palani Range; helps enrich the entire area of Periyakulam and beyond by run as a perennial river Varaganathi. The catchment of the dam is a combine of rain and small streams of Kodaikanal hills and the release of water from Berijam Lake, Kodaikanal.

It is the second highest dam in Tamil Nadu, following the Sholayar Dam of Valparai which comes first. The dam has a small tunnel and irrigation canal and only during the heavy inflow the shutter seems to open large. The dam is isolated from tourist or the general public; it has a small simple garden with beautiful lampposts and a floor bridge to cross the dam, to get a complete front view of the dam.

The name Sothuparai is a combine to two Tamil words meaning ‘food and rock, and it is said to derive from the habit of people here who once used to take food on the rock boulders along the flow of river Varaganathi. The water released from the dam through an irrigation canal will run like a stream among the rocks and boulders. This water is distillated for drinking purpose of Periyakulam on its way.

Manjalar Dam

Dindigul Travels & Call Taxi The Manjalar Dam is a dam across the Manjalar River in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu. Across the river at around 10 kilometers (6 mi) from Batlagundu bus stand in Dindigul District. Manjalar Dam has been constructed for irrigation purposes. Manjalar Dam is at the end of Manjalar Road about 5.5 kilometers (3.4 mi) north from SH-36 at Devadanapatti town beginning along Kamatchi Amman temple road.

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